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null International Conference on Ethics, Sustainability & Spirituality at Uttarakhand (India)

The world today is changing dramatically, yet the dilemma is that despite the advancement of technologies, materialistic affluence & borderless virtual world, we are still living in an era of despondency, ambiguity, trepidation & fomenting conflicts all over. Identity & religion based conflicts are becoming more prevalent. Societies are becoming increasingly secular & materialistic with loss of ethics & values (family, social, political & business).

In the age of globalisation, sustainable goals (UN SDG's) & strategies give corporations the choice to get ahead of curve, defining and redefining new rules and being rewarded by our stakeholders for behaving ethically, responsibly &  consciously.
Green Earth Alliance (GEA International) strongly feels that spiritual awakening (consciousness) of business leaders is essential for peaceful existence, ethical business actions and equitable growth & hence proposes to accelerate this process by connecting & linking sustainable businesses, strategic CSR framework with spiritual behaviour of the Senior management & delighted to announce 1st International Conference on "Ethics, Sustainability & Spirituality" in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand, India) on Friday 1st December 2017
The Conference will be divided into six interactive sessions: Corporate Sufism, Karma-yog & CSR, Enough is Enough, Sustainability & Consciousness, Spirituality & Economic Democracy, Use & Abuse of Spirituality.
Attending this confernce on weekend, time away from the routine office to think and rethink, be inspired and meet other like-minded and passionate professionals, increase your peers in a collaborative and energising environment on the bank of Ganges.