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Embracing the Transformative Times: Digitalization of Management and Social Sciences (ETTIC 2020)

On 6–8 February 2020,  travelled  to Noidia, India to participate in an International Conference entitled  Embracing the Transformative Times: Digitalization of Management and Social Sciences (ETTIC 2020). 
ETTIC 2020 was organised by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at The Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), in collaboration with partners including This department within the school exists to prepare JIIT's students as professionals who have "imbibed human values". The ETTIC 2020 conference provided a platform for researchers, academics and thought leaders from around India and the world to readdress and deliberate  upon the emerging issues in management, technology and ethics education in view of our rapidly changing and increasingly technological world. was represented by a local-global team of Lucy Howe-López, Deputy Executive Director, and Christine Housel, Strategic Partnerships and Donor Relations from the Head Office in Geneva and Prof. Dr. Paulachan Kochappilly, former India Director and Rajula V, India Programme Executive. Ms Howe-López delivered one of the inaugural speeches, titled 'Responsibility and Integrity in the Digital Arena and Beyond: Challenges, Resources and Opportunities', Prof. Dr Paulachan delivered a speech on ‘Human Dignity as the Trademark in a Digitalizing Management Era for Social Change' and Ms Housel gave the closing Valedictory Address entitled ‘Digitalization for the Common Good: Values-based Education as a Driver for Life-affirming Transformation'. has a keen interest in staying at the cutting edge of the discussion of the potential of digital solutions to support human flourishing and at the same time the many ethical issues arising from the changing digital landscape the need for ethical thinking. In 2018, publish CyberEthics 4.0, a multi-authored book which delves in to the ethical issues and developments related to cyberspace.
Including ethics as a core component of the ETTIC 2020 Conference was a visionary move that expressed JIIT's commitment to ensure that all teachers and students are trained to engage the ethics of the information technology sciences they are studying so as to emerge prepared to offer moral and ethical, as well as technical, leadership in their future workplaces and spheres of influence. 
About JIIT
The Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) is a leading engineering institute  established with the vision of becoming a centre of excellence in the field of IT and related emerging areas of education, training and research comparable to the best in the world for producing professionals who shall be leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and management. After the success of the partnership between JIIT and in the ETTIC 2020 Conference, discussions are underway between the two bodies about further collaboration into the future.

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