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null Launch of Codes of Ethics Collection launched its Codes of Ethics Collection on 26 June during the 2015 Global Ethics Forum in Geneva/Switzerland in the presence of 160 Forum participants.

The Codes of Ethics Collection aims to provide access to a comprehensive online collection of codes of ethics (professional, organisational, sectoral), as well as to the theoretical issues relating to the nature of codes of ethics, currently with 900 full-text documents available to users for free. Around 60-65% of the content is in English with seven other languages represented.

The Collection is structured into five sections: 1) is on codes of ethics themselves, addressing key questions about the need for and development of codes of ethics on a meta ethical level; 2) is on codes of conduct by sectors - the State, private sector, public services, civil society and multisectoral; 3) provides codes of conduct by different professional areas.

Examples of codes featured in the Codes of Ethics Collection by profession include:

The fourth and fifth sections are related to geographical regions and location, for example the collection has 40 African professional codes, or cultural specificities of professional rules as well as other types of ethical regulation such as product certification, standardisation and religious law.

The Codes of Ethics Collection has been developed by the members of the project team at in Geneva, Dr Ignace Haaz, Pascale Chavaz Bengoa and Delina Wejdeby.