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null Learn, Live, Love: The Academy Hosts its First In-Person Open House Event


On 10 February 2023 the Academy team, supported by colleagues from the Globethics Head Office, received around 35 members of the international community of Geneva for a first in-person after-work apéritif to share their passion for creating a Globethics ethical education ecosystem. A state-of-the-art e-library with a wealth of open-access ethical resources; a publications house that fosters the sharing of knowledge worldwide and provides authors with a platform to showcase their research contributions across a wide range of ethical subject matter areas, and an inviting portfolio of online course programmes specifically aimed at executives desiring to gain competencies and skills to address contemporary ethical challenges from cyber security to sustainable development to interreligious peacebuilding were presented at the event.

Globethics Academic Dean Amélé Ekué, who initiated the open house events in 2021, mentioned in her opening address that the Academy team is dedicated to offering quality educational programmes in accordance with the Globethics vision of ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world. The convivial character of this gathering at the Globethics Head Office in Geneva, the many conversations held, and the networking opportunities created motivate the Academy team to further nurture the relationships with a broader public in all of its international locations. Many of the attendees discovered Globethics for the first time, others came to give an expression of their continued support and partnership with our organisation.

It emerged in these vibrant exchanges the shared conviction that lifelong learning with attention to ethical solutions for humanity and the natural world constitutes an investment in a sustainable future – The Globethics course programme invites to such a qualitative and future-oriented investment.

Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué
Academic Dean