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null Lecture on Integrity Leadership in India India and the department of Social work at St Joseph's College organised a lecture on ‘Integrity leadership: Ethics as a Path to Success of the College' on 29 July 2019 at Xavier Hall in Bangalore, India.

The resource person for the lecture was Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger, Founder and President of and Executive Director at Geneva Agape Foundation.

The program began with a welcome address delivered by the MC and a brief introduction of guests by Ms Sharifa Behsad, the appointed Secretary of the Social Work Students Association (SWSA). Dr Stückelberger began his lecture by appreciating a ritual of Indian spirituality, namely the importance of lighting of lamp that precedes an important activity. Then, he asked three questions as food for thought, he encouraged the audience to share their answers with at least one person. The questions were as follows:

  • What is my study motivation?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What should people say about me after my death?

He presented a comparison between leadership characterised by integrity and leader characterised by the abuse of power—the former features attributes of trust, rules, controls, credibility, performance and growth; the former is comprised of mistrust, conflict, abuse of resources and loyalty. He pointed out the importance of transition of thinking from ‘me' to thinking of ‘we', for a better functioning system.

The lecture established 11 qualities for an ‘ethical culture' – Dignity, Freedom, Justice, Equity, Peace, Security, Community, Inclusiveness, Participation, Forgiveness and Reconciliation. He explained why ethics was important in life. ‘The price of ethics is sacrifice, the gain of ethics is reputation'. He explained the role of ethics in seven areas of life – Money, Relations, Religion, Addictions, Leadership, Community and Family.

The session was followed by a question and answer session from both students and faculty. To close the event, the college dance team performed a classical dance routine.