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null Library Tip: Export and share your citations/references

This Library tip shows you how to export all your search results in various formats: BibTex, EndNote, RefMan and CSV and import them in Zotero. You will also learn how to make a selective export, to share items through social media and e-mail and some recommendations while exporting records. 

Export your references

To export the 10 records that appear when you do any search on Library, click on the "Export" button on the top right, as shown on the image below. A dropdown with the various formats: BibTex, EndNote, RefMan, and CSV will display.

Display of library when you click on the 'Export' button and the dropdown shows
Each of these formats generates a file with the respective file extensions, appropriate to the format, BIB for BibTex, ENW for EndNote, RIS for RefMan, that can be downloaded and imported in the Reference Management System of your choice.
The CSV file is a comma-separated table that can be opened with Excel and contains the full metadata of each record.

Import your references in Zotero

If you use Zotero, an open source Reference Manager, you can either choose the BibTex (BIB) or RefMan (RIS) file format to import your selected references. 
Open the Zotero library and execute the exported BIB or RIS file with the Zotero application, as shown below. 
Dialogue to exporte files to Zotero
As a result you will see your 10 records imported on your Zotero folders with the same name as exported BIB or RIS file, like you see in the image.
Dialogue Zotero files
You can also save the export file first on your computer, and then import it in your Zotero library, as shown in the image.
How to import files in Zotero

Selective export

You can also import only a selected number of records from all the results. In this case, click on the 'Export' button on the top right and select the 'Selective Export' option from the dropdown menu. Then you proceed as described in 'Export your refereces'.

Display of library when you click on the 'Export' button and the dropdown shows

Sharing your references

If you want to share a single item through e-mail or social media channels, you need to go to the various options displayed on the bottom right of the item page. There you will find the buttons to share through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and via e-mail. If you use another social media channel, click on the third green button, you will discover more channels.
Social media butttons on Library

Recommendation when you export your references

Use the RIS format, as its metadata is more fully represented in Zotero, and this format can also be used with other Reference manages, e.g. Citavi and Mendeley.
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