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null Media Invitation: How ethical is education? Engaging social actors to make a difference
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Media Invitation
For immediate release
31 May 2016

How ethical is education? Engaging social actors to make a difference
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 (GEF 2016) will take place from 23-25 June in Geneva, Switzerland. This year, the theme is "Higher Education - Ethics in Action" with a focus on ethical challenges in education. More than 30 expert speakers and 100 participants from around the world are expected.
The opening Keynote session of the Global Ethics Forum 2016 on "Teaching the right things in the right ways" sets the tone for the two and a half day programme of plenary sessions and workshops on four areas; teaching, research, governance and society.
Among the 30 internationally renowned speakers, we are pleased to have this year:
  • Joan Dubinsky, Former Director of United Nations Ethics Office, USA. She is a leader in the global business ethics movement, having served as the chief ethicist for several leading international organizations and corporations, including the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, BAE Systems Inc., The MITRE Corporation, and the American Red Cross;
  • Kamel Ayadi, Minister on Governance and Anti-corruption. He is the Founding Chairman of the Global Infrastructure Anti-corruption Centre for MENA Region, and Founder of World Ethic and Leadership Institute (WELI), Tunisia; and
  • Alexander Ageev, Professor and Academician at the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Executive Director of the International League of Strategic Management, Assessment and Accounting (ILSM), President of the Future Studies International Academy, and Director General of the Sorokin-N. Kondratieff International Institute in Russia.

Media coverage

  • During the conference, media releases will be published in English (with some translations in French or German)
  • After the event, pictures and videos will be available online.

Media registration

Please confirm if you would like to attend and to cover the Global Ethics Forum 2016. A press kit will be provided during the conference. You will also have the opportunity to meet with speakers, panellists and participants. Interviews will be given upon requests.

Media contact

Loyola Ranarison, Programme Executive Digital and Communication
Email: - Tel: +41 22 791 63 36  
About the Global Ethics Forum (GEF)
The Global Ethics Forum is's flagship event. Its goal is to provide a platform for inspiration, exchange/reflection, networking and action in order to foster values-driven individuals and institutions across sectors. The theme for 2016 is "Higher Education – Ethics in Action"
Highlights during the 2016 Forum 
  • Cultural Evening: Thursday 23 June from 19.00
    Journalists, participants and partners are invited to be part of a festive evening. Refreshments and music provided.
  • Presentation of the Strategy 2016-2020
    "Values-driven Leadership for Life and Sustainable Development" is the motto of for the period 2016-2020. 
  • Handover ceremony: Thursday 23 June from 17.45 will go through key leadership changes as of 1 July 2016. More information here.
  • Launches of new publications and of a special collection: Friday 24 June at 11.00
    A few books will be launched during the conference, with the presence of the authors, as well as a special online collection.
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