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null Meet our authors - Aidan G. Msafiri, Tanzania

Rev. Prof. Dr Aidan G. MsafiriRev. Prof. Dr Aidan G. Msafiri, 53 years old, has been a Catholic priest for 25 years. He studied environmental ethics in Vienna, Austria and is a climate change ambassador for his country. "I like nature and I have always wanted us to preserve it", he comments. Rev. Prof. Dr Msafiri is particularly interested in the impact of climate change on agriculture, biodiversity and the spread of disease. With regard to his approach he explains that, "For my research, I use an analytic methodology called ACTION (Analyse, Convince, Transform, Innovate, Observe and Network). I look at indicators such as technology, climate, education… from a practical and ethical perspective".
Prof. Msafiri also questions environmental issues from a Christian point of view. He observes that when, "Looking at theology, there is an extremely anthropocentric view towards nature: we are not the bosses. The dimension of environmental justice is therefore quite prominent (for me): the Earth can't speak for itself". Prof. Masafiri's research includes respective regeneration, inter-generational justice and distributive justice. 
Prof. Msafiri is also a professor on Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: "I could see that when my students reflect on my books, they start changing their behaviour and applying a better quality process when they act".
Prof. Msafiri has published ten books, two of which have been published by "I have been the National Contact for Tanzania for since 2012 and I like the idea of free access. has the largest ethics collection and works with so many different people from all over the world", he says. He attended the Global Ethics Forum 2016 in June in Switzerland and is contributing to the follow up to the Forum with reflections on supply chain management and green campuses.

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