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null Globethics meets UNESCO and partners in support of Ethical AI

Globethics meets UNESCO and partners in support of Ethical AI

During his visit and engagement at the United Nations General Assembly and Global Futures Conference in New York, September 2023, Dr Wallace Cheng, Head of Impact and Innovation at Globethics, had a constructive meeting with UNESCO's Assistant Director-General Gabriela Ramos. This meeting built upon a keen interest expressed by Globethics and like-minded high-impact partners to develop a common vision to operationalise UNESCO's landmark Recommendation on Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI), endorsed by 193 member states in 2021. 

Mr Cheng briefed Ms Ramos on Globethics’ strategy and key activities related to the ethics and governance of AI. As a respected Swiss foundation globally present with seven regional centres, Globethics brings perspectives and knowledge from multiple sectors, regions, and disciplines on AI ethics. Globethics is committed to using its convening and connecting potential to bridge multiple ongoing processes and aims to join forces with all partners to help achieve transformative change for good in the context of AI and other emerging technologies. 

Ms Ramos expressed her appreciation of civil society organisations such as Globethics for their instrumental roles in supporting governments to implement recommendations adopted in 2021 through education, dialogue and research. She also wished Globethics and their partners Club of Rome success in their jointly hosted session on AI Ethics at the Geneva Peace Week in November 2023. 

The meeting was convened by Dr Steven Hartman, Founding Executive Director of #BRIDGES Coalition, UNESCO Management of Social Transformations programme, and joined by Trustee Walton Stinson and President Garry Jacobs of World Academy of Art and Science, and François Taddei, founder of Learning Planet Institute