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null Rock Ethics Institute to hold conference Nov. 12

The Rock Ethics Institute has announced the "Critical Philosophy of Race: Intersections with Culture, Ethnicity, and Nationality Beyond the Black/White Binary" conference, which will be held from 8:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Nov. 12 in the Alumni Lounge at The Nittany Lion Inn. All panel sessions are free and open to the public. There is no registration.

The conference will bring together established and emerging scholars to explore new dimensions in the critical philosophy of race. Of particular interest are intersections between race, culture, ethnicity and nationality (as well as with gender and sexuality) that reach beyond the black/white binary as a focal point. Our guiding questions include: What are the new dimensions and trajectories in the critical philosophy of race? How might the critical philosophy of race help us to think through the aforementioned intersections in relationship with questions about identity, authenticity, assimilation, acculturation, immigration, citizenship, solidarity and coalition building (to name a few)? The scholars participating represent various philosophical traditions and will include Linda Martín Alcoff, Robert Bernasconi, Namita Goswami, David H. Kim, Kyoo Lee, Jose Medina, Mariana Ortega, Sonia Sikka, Ronald R. Sundstrom and Paul C. Taylor.

The conference is made possible by support from the Africana Research Center; Asian Studies Program; Latina/o, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies Programs; Philosophy Department; and Women's Studies Department. Rock Ethics Institute events are also made possible with the support of a generous gift from Doug and Julie Rock.

For more information, including program information and speaker bios, visit online.

Source: PennState University