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null Seminar on the Need for a New Perspective for everlasting Peace and Human Dignity at India

A seminar on the 'Need for a New Perspective for Everlasting Peace and Human Dignity' was organised by Globethics India at Coimbatore on 22 February 2018. Members from the Hindu Muslim, Christian and Jewish religions attended the seminar.  Besides religious leaders, atheist members committed for a secular nation, "left" thinkers and social activist also attended the programme.
The majority of the members felt that the American President Trump's move to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel was unacceptable. However the Islamic friends and the Jewish friend had different opinions on the subject. The debate continued for several hours.
"Although we value religious sentiments" participants said "Human Value and the Right to Life for all is more important than religious values".  The religious and the political leaders of the world should ensure the safety of ‘Human life' at any cost. No more elimination and no more war. "Let all beings be happy "was the message of the Seminar.