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null Supporting Women Researchers’ in Academic Writing and Publishing: Impressions on a Research and Mentoring Seminar in Jakarta


Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Theologi Jakarta (Jakarta Theological Seminary) has launched a groundbreaking series of workshops for “feminist theologians, feminist researchers,” with a first seminar organised from 26 to 28 January 2023.

Around 30 women researchers from the field of theology and neighbouring disciplines from different Indonesian higher education institutions, including those currently located abroad for faculty development, along with some women researchers from other countries in the South East Asian sub-region, take part in this pioneering programme initiated by Jakarta Theological Seminary’s President, Professor Septemmy Lakawa.

The aim is to support these emerging female scholars in their endeavour to strategically plan for publishing their research and thereby to increase the visibility of female-led research, establish research groups for collaborative publications, and enhance the exchange of context-relevant knowledge. This introductory workshop, which offered the researchers the opportunity to exchange on their research interests, will be followed by a period of online consultations from March to November 2023, during which the participants will be accompanied by three female leading international researchers and mentors, including Academic Dean, Amélé Ekué.

“We struggle to find time for research!”, many of these highly motivated researchers stated and shared their enthusiasm about this programme, underlining how decisive such intentional mentorship is, especially for women, who are often over-proportionally affected by the burden of multiple roles in academic research, teaching and administration, as well as by mostly invisible caregiving tasks at home.

This research and mentoring programme is thus a timely initiative for the Indonesian and South East Asian context to make female researchers’ voices more heard, and a model that calls for imitation in other regions too.

Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué
Academic Dean