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null The World in 2050: Globethics Board Member joins global experts calling for action to redesign society


In a short film entitled "Why Act Now: The World in 2050", created by GIFT.ed and premiered on 27 July 2023, Globethics Board Member and former Executive Director Obiora Ike, distinguished academic and expert in societal transformation, joined Jeffrey Sachs, world-renowned economist and leader in sustainable development; Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace, world-leading ethologist and environmentalist, and Brian Wong, geopolitical strategist and political philosopher, to explore the realities of our future based on how our societies operate today.

As part of a project aiming to inspire and motivate us all to take action now to create a more just, inclusive and sustainable world, the global experts discuss the urgent challenges humanity faces and their interconnected causes, from development to geopolitics, economics and environmental management, poverty, overconsumption and social justice. "We must find a solution, because humanity is not exempt from extinction", states Goodall during the film.

The experts' call for a redesign of society in order to create a future of greater resilience and equity requires a global mindset and institutional change. "Where there are young people, there is hope... It is time for a global rethink", says Ike, emphasising the importance of future leaders and interdisciplinary education as sustainable solutions for reshaping society for the better.

Watch the full video on until 26 August 2023.