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null Update on Essay Competition Strategic Matrix-2016

The first qualifying round of the international ‘Strategic Matrix-2016' competition was hosted in March, conducted by Russia. Participants were offered a test in a distance format, and to consider some of the leading Russian companies from different sectors of the economy from the point of view of carrying out a socially responsible policy, the responsibility towards the society and the state, as well as on a number of ethical criteria. The first round was attended by over a hundred people from the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The second tour will be performed as essay on topic: Responsible leadership. How to make a model of responsible leadership needful and sustainable in the current situation in higher education, research (research ethics/responsible research) and etc. The final will be held on April 21 in Moscow at the Institute for Economic Strategies. The final stage will involve the authors of the best essays and the participants with the highest scores in an intelligent test. The winners of the competition will receive valuable prizes and diplomas.

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