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null What Are We Learning For? Third Cycle of Blue Table Webinar Series on Ethical Perspectives of Learning and Education


Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

Since their inception in 2021, the Blue Table Webinars have attracted hundreds of course participants and members of the community around topics of ethical relevance. The Academy team feels highly motivated to continue this series and to further emphasise its invitational and open character.

This year’s series of Blue Table Webinars will focus on the theme “What Are We Learning For? Reimagining the Future of Education”. Experts with different disciplinary and professional backgrounds and from various regions of the world will share their knowledge and insights on ethical perspectives related to the understanding of learning.

It cannot be underscored that the world of learning is currently under full mutation. The pandemic has brought barely concealed realities to the surface. Education is a matter of justice: access to and quality of education are unevenly distributed. Financial resources, gender, ethnicity, and location widely determine the opportunities for education from the primary to the tertiary levels. UNESCO’s World Inequality Database on Education provides incisive data on the societal and economic rifts impacting educational opportunities, to which ethical reflection can provide meaningful avenues for solutions.

There is, however, a complementary and fascinating array of dimensions of learning and education on which the webinars will help shed light. Why do we learn and what enables us to learn? How can tailored education programmes serve underrepresented groups, the preservation of endangered languages or the empowerment of marginalised populations? Last, but not least, how can learning and education unleash the potential for societal innovation and transformation?

The Academy team invites all course participants and the wider interested public to take part in this thought-provoking and highly interesting virtual events – also as a propitious opportunity to participate in an intercultural ethical debate and to broaden one’s own intellectual horizon.

Information on session dates, times and contents will be communicated on the Blue Table Webinar webpage.

Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué
Academic Dean