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Changing the Brain, Changing the Society:
Clinical and Ethical Implications of Neuromodulation Techniques
in Neurology and Psychiatry
June 13-14, 2012, Geneva
SUPPORT OUR CALL ON GOVERNMENTS! SOUTENEZ NOTRE APPEL AUX GOUVERNEMENTS ! Carta de responsabilidades universales ¡APOYEN NUESTRO LLAMADO A LOS GOBIERNOS!/ Carta das responsabilidades universais
Geneva. Business, political, civil society and academic leaders will gather at the 2012 Global Ethics Forum in Geneva from 28 – 30 June to chart steps to promote an "ethical transformation" in...
 Religious insights can offer immense resources for peacemaking, Johan Galtung, a pioneer in the discipline of peace studies, has said in a lecture at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva. Galtung,...
Invitation to the Johan Galtung lecture "Globalising God: The Potential of Religions for Peace"
The First Call for Papers of the BEN-Africa Conference is now available at : This conference will be held at the Lake Victoria Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda, from 13-15 August 2012.
 'Rio+20: Challenges, Opportunities, Responses' to be held at Uni-Dufour (Rue Général-Dufour 24, Geneva, see on Thursday 10th May 2012...
12 ateliers sur la réussite de décisions éthiques au sein des entreprises, les meilleures pratiques, la finance éthique et le réseautage /// 12 workshops on successful ethical business decisions,...
This week discover 5 reasons to register to the Global Ethics Forum 2012 /// Cette semaine découvrez 5 raisons de vous inscrire au Global Ethics Forum 2012
The 2012 International Symposia on Cultural Diplomacy
(Berlin, Geneva, Washington D.C., June 1st - June 28th, 2012)