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International Contest for Innovation in ICT4D

The International Contest for Innovation in ICT4D extends the deadline for the presentation of Innovative Ideas until the 30th October 2009 and extends the call to young talented-people from Asia  

The CTIC Foundation invites investigators and students from Latin America, Asia, and Africa to present innovative ideas in the area of ICT for Human Development.

o The selected ideas will be implemented by the developers in the cReaTIC Laboratory.

Gijon, 17th September 2009.-

The International Call for Ideas in ICT Innovation for Development, is a new commitment by the CTIC Foundation to contribute to the development of the less favoured countries through the use of ICT and developed within the Framework 1@+tú=1€ and with the cooperation of cReaTIC.

The objective of the Contest is to contribute in a clear way to the advancement of emerging economies which need the support of technologies and avoiding just theory, but, however, developing ICT projects in Southern countries and which are lead by their own investigators.

The request by young-talented-people from Asia to participate on this contest is an example of the potential of this continent in the field of ICT4D. For this reason the Contest will be extended its call to Asian students and investigators.

Fundación CTIC is conscious of the existence of numerous ideas which, either through lack of resources, finance or training have not been developed. It is for this reason that the Call, will award people, who win with their ideas, a scholarship for a maximum stay of 12 months to develop his /her idea in Asturias where cReaTiC, the Laboratory for Creativity and Technological Investigation (, will provide an innovative, multidisciplinary and collaborative atmosphere where their ideas may be developed. The date for the incorporation of these people will be the 15th January 2010.

An innovative application for Mobile technology to improve living conditions in rural areas, the innovative use of GPS for the prevention of natural catastrophes or a new device which allows the increase of determined groups to access education are some of the ideas which people may have to present in the Contest.

A maximum of 5 ideas will be selected and whose technical, and economic feasibility and application in the field.

The date for the final presentation will be the 30 de octubre and the ideas may be presented in Spanish or English.


This new solidarity initiative by the Fundación CTIC to contribute to Human Development which will allow good ideas to become a reality and will form part of 1@+tu=1€ which already benefits disfavoured communities. The initiative 1@+tu=1€ has created a Digital Solidarity Fund where more than 40 Public and Private entities, finance and support the development of projects which reduce the digital divide in developing countries as well as sharing the results with a social network of more than 5000 people who have been informed about the progress of the Project.

The Initiative, which in the last call, selected 5 projects and benefited directly more than 10,000 people in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Morocco and Mali
This Fund is open to financial support from the Business Sector, Public Administrations and Governments as well as organizations which develop their own social objectives or Corporate Social Responsibility

More Information:

Contact Persson: Jimena Pascual - Fundación CTIC, //+34 984 29 12 12