null Newsletter No 5/2022 - Learning to Live Together: Ethics Education for Promoting Cultural Diversity

Learning to Live Together: Ethics Education for Promoting Cultural Diversity

Author: Amélé Ekué

A celebratory disruption and an invitation to action for living peacefully together across cultures. This could serve as a brief summary of the Cultural Diversity Day the United Nations celebrated worldwide on 21 May.

It is in relation to the higher purpose of education – to unveil the genuine destiny of humankind – that cultural diversity becomes meaningful... as a unique opportunity to discover oneself in the other, without erasing the distinctiveness of the cultural features and the ensuing identities.

Cultural diversity would become in this educational perspective a fertile ground for building various alliances, for example, to advance social and ecological justice, or to champion the idea of global citizenship, with responsibility for all humanity and the earth at the heart of shared values, in full recognition and respect of different cultural systems wherefrom they emerge.


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Reading Against the Grain and Learning about Embedded Values – An educational reflection

Author: Dr J. Dorcas Gordon

Excellence in education is also about what is not there, what is left unstated or unwritten. It’s about the students’ experiences of those unspoken yet embedded values such as trust, respect, inclusion, and fairness.

Common good before self-interest

Author: Rita Astfalck

Outgoing Board member Rita Astfalck gave a thoughtful and hopeful opening message at the Board of Foundation meeting on 29 April 2022.

Rita Astfalck
Meera Baindur
In the Spotlight: Meera Baindur Academy Instructor & Course Developer

Meera tells us about the importance of the interfaith movement, explains why the Interreligious Cooperation for Peace course is so impactful, and reveals what and who inspires her.

The need for media ethics: on press freedom in 2022

Author: Josephine Hough

Faced with the worst global press freedom score since the Cold War, how can we protect journalists and society and promote ethical media practices?

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Quality first

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Academy is delighted to be celebrating its second institutional accreditation award conferred by the British Accreditation Council - a major milestone and a marker of our insistence on quality as the utmost driver of growth.

We are equally pleased to announce that registration is now open for five Autumn Semester 2022 courses. Learn more about our quality course programme and register now!

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Responsible Leadership

Starts 19 Sep 2022

Cyber Ethics

Starts 19 Sep 2022

Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals

Starts 10 Oct 2022

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Starts 10 Oct 2022

Interreligious Cooperation for Peace: Religious Studies

Starts 10 Oct 2022


Book of the Month:

Handbook of Research on Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education

New collection in the Library: Vietnam Ethics
3 reasons why you should register in the Library


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Vietnam in Transition: Education, Culture and Ethics
book cover:Repenser l’éducation et la pédagogie dans une perspective africaine
Repenser l’éducation et la pédagogie dans une perspective africaine
book cover: Les enfants de personne
Les enfants de personne
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50 Years of Publishing: Bibliography 1972-2022


Shaping Knowledge Societies through Higher Education
Shaping Knowledge Societies through Higher Education

When: 15-16 Jun 2022, 09:30-12:30 CEST
Where: Online
What: Conference

Promoting Ethical Societies through Higher Education
Promoting Ethical Societies through Higher Education

When: 07-08 Jul 2022, 13:00-16:00 CEST
Where: Online
What: Conference

Comienzo hoy por mi metro cuadrado
Comienzo hoy por mi metro cuadrado

When: 08 Jun 2022, 14:00-17:00 CEST
Language Spanish
Where: Online
What: Conference

Books by Christoph Stückelberger
Book Launch: 50 Years of Publishing by Christoph Stückelberger

When: 14 Jun 2022, 12:00-13:30 CEST
Where: Onsite/Online
What: Tray Lunch/Webinar

Keynote by Amélé Ekué at Universität Bonn's MESt 15th Anniversary
Keynote by Amélé Ekué at Universität Bonn's MESt 15th Anniversary

When: 07 Jul 2022, 18:00 CEST
Where: Online
What: Conference

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Pre-Conference Story Competition from 26 to 30 September 2022

Invitation to submit contributions towards the establishment of virtual story-bytes gallery around the topic of “Global Faces of Quality Ethics Education – Shaping the Future of Our World”.

News Board Members
Farewells, celebrations and new horizons

Members of the Board of Foundation were reunited in April 2022 for the first in-person meeting since 2019. As well as tackling a weighty agenda, the board found time to celebrate, meet our global team and appreciate time spent together.

Dicky Sofjan and Obiora Ike sigining agreement
Strengthening our presence in Indonesia is delighted to announce Dr Dicky Sofjan, professor at the ICRS and Board Member as the new Indonesia Director.

Obiora Ike at ISHR 50 anniversary
50 years of speaking up for human rights: celebrating the ISHR

We may have come far in terms of peace and human rights, but in many ways we are in the same place we were half a century ago, said Obiora Ike at the 50th anniversary of the International Society for Human Rights last month.

Inspection and learning time
Inspection Time, Learning Time on the way towards its second institutional accreditation award: a full onsite inspection with the British Accreditation Council (BAC) offered a unique learning opportunity for the entire team.

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Nurturing Spaces of Ethical Conversation

The Academy Blue Table Webinar Series 2022 focuses on What it means to be human. Learn about the dynamic exchanges of the first three sessions and save the dates for next semester's events.

Zoom meeting with Pool of Experts
Thinking Ethics and Building Values-driven Knowledge Alliances

The Academy holds the second Global Pool of Ethics Roundtable, welcoming new member, Publications Manager Ignace Haaz. University Ranking

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