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Global Ethics Forum: 12 Projects 9/2011 - 7/2013

Following up the International Conference "Global Ethics Forum" held in Geneva last 30 june and 1st July, 12 subprojects are under preparation. Below you find the titles of these projects. Please contact for more information.

1    Multicultural Staff Recruitment: Guidelines

2    Business Opportunities: Ethical Guidelines

3    Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises (RSE) en Afrique Francophone

4    Business Ethics in Conflicting Legal and Ethical Systems

5    New Ethical Paradigm for Business Education

6    Ethical Stones: Certification of Precious Stones

7    A New Global Reference Currency

8    Sustainable Finance: Time Horizons from Intercultural and Interreligious Perspectives

9    Transparency in Religious Organizations

10    Media Ethics: Social Media for Peace

11    New National and Regional Business Ethics Networks

12    Directory and Collections on Business Ethics