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The Philosophy Series brings a deeper understanding of the works of important philosophers such as Aristotle, Descartes, Spinoza, Hume, Kant, Mill and Nietzsche, as well as other major non-European philosophical traditions from all continents, through the unique insight of each author in the context of moral philosophical controversies of the last 20 years. The Series provides ethical arguments and original applications to topics including education, law, nature, the environment and on the very practical relations of the human being to the economy, to work, to organisation and/or to technologies. The Series offers single or multiple authors' contributions on classical and modern moral theory with coverage of ethics, of rights and of justice. While the content of the Series' volumes is partly theoretical, applied ethics is also featured with real-life cases and discussions of practical moral problems.

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Empathy and Indifference: Philosophical Reflections on Schizophrenia

Ignace Haaz: Empathy and Indifference: Philosophical Reflections on Schizophrenia

Author: Ignace Haaz

ISBN: 978-2-88931-345-7
Series number: Philosophy No. 2
Publication: 2020

The professional application of ethics often lacks the necessary conceptual tools to construct adequate theoretical foundations that can be used for practical enterprise.
This book focuses on an anthropological approach to mental illness, describing how schizophrenia can distort one's experience of empathy and of the presence in the world through pathological indifference. It describes factual and phenomenological perspectives on a case of schizophrenia, based on the method of Eugène Minkowski.


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