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Current social and ethical challenges and trends in ethics are important for all of us who are interested for continuing ethical formation. Providing life-long contribution by keynote experts in the form of a simple and easily shareable handbook, Readers Series is engaged with key social ethical issues in the context of rapidly changing society in a globalised world.

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Ethics of Inclusion and Equality. vol. 2 Economy, Education, Religion

Catholics in Manggarai, Flores, Eastern Indonesia

Author: John Mohan Razu

ISBN: 978-2-88931-191-0
Series number: Readers No. 7
Publication: 2018

'Ethics of Inclusion and Equality', in two volumes, is a reader of 58 articles from the author on all areas of social and political life. Vol. 1 features articles on the themes of ‘Politics and Society'; Vol. 2 includes the authors insight on ‘Economy and Environment', ‘Education, Children and Sexuality', and ‘Religion and Tolerance'. Each Section underpins India's political economy, where India is taken as a referral point for analysis and interpretation. The literature reflects a trend sweeping the world as of 2018: the success of far-right conservative politics as a reaction to liberal appeasement politics, identity politics and the rejection of multiculturalism. The author address these issues in a direct, often devastating, fashion.


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