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Current social and ethical challenges and trends in ethics are important for all of us who are interested for continuing ethical formation. Providing life-long contribution by keynote experts in the form of a simple and easily shareable handbook, Readers Series is engaged with key social ethical issues in the context of rapidly changing society in a globalised world.

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Ethics of Inclusion and Equality: Vol. 3 An Indian Anthology of Cases

John Mohan Razu: Ethics of Inclusion and Equality: Vol. 3 An Indian Anthology of Cases book cover

Author: John Mohan Razu

ISBN: 978-2-88931-353-2
Series number: Readers No. 8
Publication: 2020

This collection differs from other anthologies on equality and inclusion and thus diametrically opposes inequality and exclusion with its major focus on applied issues. By incorporating case studies, facts and figures that candidly show the relation between questions of equality and issues concerning poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, caste, class, race, gender, exclusion, inequality and host of others within and between the countries. This anthology demonstrates that there is indeed a relationship between theoretical discussions of equality and the central socio-economic, politicocultural and religious problems facing India and the world at large to-day.


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