The Globethics Reports are conference summary reports based on conferences that Globethics has organised and conferences that Globethics has attended, for which a summary has been necessary. The reports may include summaries as well as sophisticated recommendations and projects for action.

Thematically, all reports relate to ethics or theology in the wide sense. The reports' aims are to offer a single point of entry for all reports, whatever the focus (such as Higher Education, Church leadership, Global Ethics Forum Report, etc.). Previous reports  (such as the GEF Report 2015) will remain in their respected series, however all future report will be presented on this page.

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Inaugural Meeting 2017 Report

ISBN: 978-2-88931-239-9
Series number: Reports
Publication: 2018

During June 2017, over the course of 3 days at venues based in Switzerland and France, organised and hosted the inaugural meeting of the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education. This coming together of students, teachers, professors, academics, vice-principals and rectors, inter alia, marked the establishment of a truly global collective that aims to create an ethical society through the transformative vehicle of education. They all strengthen the reputation of their institution by supporting efforts to integrate values-based decisions in governance, management and daily practices of staff at all levels; and promote ethical awareness and integrate ethical reflection in all aspects of education. This is report is a detailed overview of the presentations, outcomes and follow up of the conference that took place from 21st–23rd June 2017, that brought together over 60 delegates and individuals from various higher education institutions and others.


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