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Connect a student - Conecta a un estudiante

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The Universidad Reformada (UniReformada), South American Regional Partners, is launching a campaign which aims to raise $ 25,000 to be used to provide internet access during one academic year to allow 415 students to finish their studies.

The campaign is bringing together allies within the Latin American institutions but is also seeking to reach donors in Canada, the United States and several countries in Europe.

Students affected by COVID-19

Natalia is 22 years old and is about to finish her degree in Psychology. She has been able to access the university through scholarships and working in his spare time in a call centre.

Julio is 23 years old and is finishing his studies in Environmental Engineering. He lives in a pension and covers her rent and living expenses working in a restaurant on the weekends.

The crisis generated by the Covid-19 has made Natalia have financial difficulties to continue with her studies, and Julio cannot follow his virtual classes because he does not have a computer and an internet connection. His situation has led him to request a postponement of his registration.

Situations like that of Natalia and Julio are happening at UniReformada and seriously affect students who in some cases, see continuity in their academic year compromised. The crowdfunding campaign #ConnectAStudent - #ConectaAUnEstudiante aims to help them.

Connectivity to educate yourself. Educate yourself to transform society

The UniReformada team seeks all kinds of support for vulnerable groups. Although it provides various types of aid such as psychosocial work, campaigns for direct donations to families, among other needs identified in the contexts, the most significant commitment has always been for education.

At the start of COVID-19, the university, though it's welfare department, ensure to provide its community with spaces to express its needs, and found that many students and some teachers were facing connectivity problems. Since the beginning, the university welfare corporation has implemented different actions to ensure that the students and teachers get the services need to complete the academic year.

Over the last five years, the university has made significant investments in technological infrastructure, which have become to use in this period to allow people to access education regardless of their situation.

Another measure taken during this period is to design data packages with videos, documents, etc. and together with a telecommunication company guarantee, those students with connectivity problems access to the internet at a special rate. Currently, chip deliveries are being managed in these people's homes, which is bringing connectivity to the different municipalities of the Colombian Caribbean.

Yolima Gómez, Director of Welfare Corporation of the Reformed University, has pointed out that "we have identified so far that 415 students require help to connect to the internet, allowing them to continue their studies online. In this group, there are 38 who are victims of the armed conflict and are linked to the peace process. The university is supporting these students with scholarships, but we need online support for them."

Contributions from the Connect a Student - Connect a Student campaign are open, making it possible to make donations starting at 10 USD or 40,000 Colombian pesos.

60 USD or 240,000 Colombian pesos will allow a student to connect to the internet during an academic year.

How many students do you want to connect?

Those who make their contribution through the campaign will receive a certificate from the campaign, and an accountability report will be issued. Besides, the donor will receive a letter from the student he or she supports, to learn first-hand how to transform a life (and probably also a community).

The Reformed University Corporation is investing all the resources at its disposal to guarantee the continuity of quality training, and solving the specific issue of internet connection helps to minimize the impact that this crisis may have for the future of students. The goal is that no one is left behind. This can be achieved through global collaboration.

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