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Ética y economía: la relación dañada

Editors: Cristina Calvo / Humberto Shikiya / Deivit Montealegre

ISBN: 978-2-88931-199-6
Series number: Focus No. 43
Publication: 2017

Contributions on the way to the G-20 2018 within the framework of the 2030 agenda. "High-level dialogue on international financial architecture: ethics and economics". Ecoeconomics and the economy of the global common good, structural inequalities and protection of work, financing of crime and public and private corruption, corporate social responsibility and financing for the development of countries and people. Each of these points has a strong impact on the lives of nations and people. Ethics is often absent in many of the activities that take place in the world and also in our own public policies. Any analysis of the international financial system and its preponderance over the productive sectors, on the implementation of economic models away from the real interests of their recipients, as well as policies that do not meet needs and poverty due to lack of resources, highlights the absence of elements of justice, ethics, to achieve resources necessary to find the indispensable equitable solutions. This multidisciplinary debate wants to be a contribution to this process.


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