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New Publication - 'Intelligence Reform in the Post-Dictatorial Democratic Republic of Congo'

This is the picture of the book Intelligence Reform in the Post-Dictatorial Democratic RepublicRead our new volume in the Globethics Theses Series, "Intelligence Reform in the Post-Dictatorial Democratic Republic of Congo: A Critical Analysis of DRC's Intelligence Service" (2016) written by John Kasuku, an Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations at the Université Pédagogique Nationale, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Located in the realm of security sector governance, Dr Kasuku's research identifies challenges to intelligence reform in post-colonial Africa and focuses on how to make intelligence agencies accountable to the people while retaining their effectiveness.
The research centres on analysis of 28 in-depth interviews with intelligence practitioners, academics and human rights activists and seeks to respond to research gaps on intelligence in the global South in general and in the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular.
This thesis offers a critical analysis of the missions assigned to intelligence agencies during different periods of DRC's political history and demonstrates that Congolese intelligence services rather efficiently protected Western interests during the Cold War period, when the West was competing with the Soviet Union for control of the African continent. During this period, for over three decades, they incidentally protected the political leadership, which is the key role for intelligence services in virtually all states.
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