Strategy Disc20

The Disc20 summarises in one disc the Strategy 2016-2020

There are:

  • four actors (who, orange);
  • four target groups/sectors (with whom, red);
  • four main themes (what, yellow);
  • and four types of activities (how, green)

serve the overall goal of "Values-driven Leadership for Life and Sustainable Development".

The disc is interactive in digital form and as a 3D model: the inner and outer circles remain static and the three middle circles can be individually turned and combined to create different programmes with different actors, activities and themes. For example, the regional programme in China could work with business partners to develop resources and training materials on sustainable development to be shared through the online library.

Use your mouse – or your finger on a touch screen – to move the green, yellow and red parts of the Disc to see the different combinations that are possible