Ethical Investments

Benefit Sharing with Investments and Guarantees

There are two ways to support by donations and by investments.

Investments with Benefit Sharing: With Investments you get a return on your capital above average and share a part of this return with Thanks to the expertise of very competent partners, practices a model of investment in real estate in Switzerland which gives a return higher than the average return even after sharing part with Foundation for its programme work.

Guarantees: With a bank guarantee you maintain the full revenue of your capital or other properties and at the same time you allow to get access to or increase the mortgage for real estate investments by Immo Solutions. Immo Solutions (GIS) is a Swiss non-profit association for real estate. It is fully controlled by Foundation: The President of GIS is Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director of Foundation, the Vice-President of GIS is Walter Fust, President of Foundation and the third member of GIS is Martin Robra, former Board member of

For more information and concrete factsheets please contact Prof. Christoph Stückelberger, +41 22 791 60 43.