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Les réseaux de sociabilité d'Antoine Sohier, procureur général d'Élisabethville (1925-1934)
The empire strikes back: Fossil fuel companies, investor-state dispute settlement, international trade, and accountable climate governance
Philosophie pour le monde et sagesse hors du monde: Les limites de la revendication éclectique chez Christian Thomasius
Revisiting ‘it-extraposition’: The historical development of constructions with matrices (it)/(there) be + NP followed by a complement clause
The Post-Marxist Gramsci
The future of printcrime: Intellectual property, innovation law, and 3D printing
From the maker movement to the 3D printing era: Opportunities and challenges
Protection des personnes LGBT+ en Europe : le cadre juridique national et de l’EU (LGBT+ Protection In Europe: the EU and National Legal Framework)
Behavioral and physiological responses to computers in the ultimatum game
1 2 3 . . . 238075