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Moral Distinctions between Passive and Active Euthanasia
Domestic slavery in Syria and Egypt, 1200-1500
When others fail to comply : Kant on revolution, self-defence, and lying
Freigabe ab 20.12.2019 Synthese, Struktur und spektroskopische Eigenschaften selen- und tellurhaltiger topologischer Isolatoren und thermoelektrischer Materialien
Tales of the Mountains and Tales of the Sea: A Creative Fiction Exploration of Muslim Women in Lebanon and the Laughing Hyena as Metaphor
Transcultural Competence as Transformative Learning for Building an Inclusive Society
Mission as Process: Korean Missionaries’ Critical Christocentric-Trinitarian Approach to Missio Dei in their Reverse Missionary Endeavours in England
Against All Odds: Exploring wellbeing transformation with mothers of disabled children from poor urban settlements in Southern Africa
An exploration of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists’ personal and professional development
1 2 3 . . . 42333