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Design of an Ethical Toolkit for the Development of AI Applications
Perangkaian Berita Pembangunan Superindo pada Rubrik Metropolis di Media Cetak Magelang Ekspres: Analisis Framing Pan & Kosicki
Empresas, empresários e instituições : uma análise da responsabilidade social das empresas no Brasil
Sensibilidade para uma sociedade administrada: moral e religião em Max Horkheimer.
Practices of hope: the public presence of the church in Puerto Rico
Estratégias para predição de classes de solo
Theological Challenges: The Australian Catholic Church Response to the Innovations of Pope John Paul II Regarding the State of Israel
Religion and ecology : climate change between Christian and Shona religious beliefs and practices
Interplay between stakeholder relationship, accounting choices and labor investment
Managing the continuing professional development of lecturers in a Mpumalanga technical and vocational education and training college
1 2 3 . . . 42259