Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions

The Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions is a unique online database of seminaries, theological colleges and faculties, and other theological training institutions.

The directory contains details of more than 7'000 institutions of theological education (church-based theological seminaries, Bible schools, university departments of theology, faculties of religious studies).

You can search the institutions by:
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Additional information can then be found in the profile of the organization by clicking on the respective name.

This interactive global directory aims at facilitating mutual connectivity, exchange, dialogue and research cooperation between theological education institutions in all regions of the world as proposed by the World Study Report on Theological Education.
  • The Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions is one of the results of the Global Survey on Theological Education, launched in October 2011 as the first major world survey on theological education since the 1910 World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh.
  • The directory is interdenominational and inclusive in its widest sense, intended for  all Christian institutions of theological education and ministerial formation.
  • It includes a wide spectrum of forms of theological education - institutions and programmes for residential, non-residential, formal, non-formal, ministerial/lay formation and mission training.
  • It is the first attempt to completely update the earlier International Directory of Theological Colleges (edited by Alec Gilmore and published by the Programme on Theological Education of the World Council of Churches and in 1997).

A list of accrediting agencies and their abbreviations can be found here.

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The Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions is a joint project of Globethics and GTL; the Ecumenical Theological Education Programme of the World Council of Churches; the Center for the Study of Global Christianity of the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and the Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education of McCormick Theological Seminary.

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