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Individual freedom to decide?

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Individual freedom to decide?
02.11.11 17:28
This is a feedback that we received from Mr. Duane Crumb after the Newsletter n.7/2011 which you can read here
He kindly agreed to share it so you can participate to the debate and fuel the conversation online.
"Your editorial struck me in a very new way as I read it in the context of having spent the last couple of months working in Africa.
You say, “Human existence is characterised by freedom: the freedom to decide.” Suddenly that statement jumps out at me as being very culturally biased. You see, the cultures in which I have been working would disagree with that statement. The individual often does not have the freedom to decide. It is the community that makes those decisions, rather than the individual.
In our individualistic Western cultures, your statement rings true and we do not even question it. You go on to mention worldview. The fact is that the world view of many in our world does not allow the individual to make decisions that are ethical or healthy or moral.
Your thoughts on these comments will be of great interest to me."

RE: Individual freedom to decide?
30.11.15 9:31 как ответ на Admin PSW.
The individual and voluntary system has individual freedom and choice in
all matters of choice and association. The collective and involuntary
system, also called democratic, has compelled association. It does not
have individual freedom and choice except to vote for representatives
within the given system.