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World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections

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We join others around the world to mark World Philosophy Day 2016 (read our dedicated news article) on 17 November as a special day dedicated to reflection, dialogue and philosophical teaching. Our dream is a world of tolerance and respect. Let's take the opportunity of World Philosophy Day to reflect on how we can show more kindness and empathy to others and to ourselves.
We would like to ask you:
  • What does compassion mean to you?
  • How important is this value to you and why?  
  • How could contribute to a more compassionate world?
 Please use this thread to share your thoughts, spread your reflections and to comment.
(We do not moderate our Forum but we reserve the right to remove any content that can be inappropriate or offensive without adding anything to the debate)

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
16.11.16 21:03 как ответ на Admin Web.
To me COMPASSION refes to a feeling of wanting to make others happy by providing what they lack that could improve their welfare.
This value is important to me because if we were all compassionate, majority i not all the human sufferings (poverty, deaseses, illiteracy, conflicts, assassinations/homicides, tortures ....)  in the world would disappear, because all the grids would go and there is enough of everything in this world to make human kind life good, if only we were compassionate.

Globalethics contribution to make this a reality is to continue initiate such debate and to write an article on human kind grid and the vanity of keeping excess needed by others.
A publication on the process of empovershing people whereby rich people continue to get more rich while poor people continue to become more poor would also compel for compassion if coupled with real examples from famous people on how useless it is to want to keep things, resources that are not used while others needed them badly.

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
16.11.16 22:40 как ответ на Admin Web.
Compassion means, sensing and being sensitive to others emotions and situation.
Its personally important to me because it helps me to reach hidden and secretive places of every human i come across. I can bring change by healing, loving and understanding with compassion. All human species lack and long for compassion.'s contribution should start from schools. Kids are the backbone of this society so lets start from there.

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
17.11.16 1:18 как ответ на Admin Web.
Compassion immediately conjours the person of Jesus Christ as he meet the needs of humans in healing the sick, feeding the hungry, providing for the poor and teaching the kingdom of God.  It means being aware of and sensitive to human need and responding to such need with practical assistance motivated by love.  This includes spiritual need, as well as emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs, which may often be overlooked in the face of overwhelming difficulties in those other areas.  Jesus was moved with compassion when he saw the crowds without guidance and protection from a servant leader.  It is a powerful attitude of concern for hurting people.

This is an important value to me personally for several reasons.  First, as a follower of Jesus, I am to emulate him and so incarnate compassion as a foundational quality of my life.  Second, the extent of human need is such that compassion is critical if that need is to be met at least to some extent.  Third, humanity responds well to compassion and so it is one of the most effective conditions for serving humanity.  Fourth, I need compassion as much as anybody and have experienced it, whichg means I am obligated to demonstrate compassion to others.

Globethics can promote the need for and value of compassion in its profile and communications.  Even this simple forum is one way of raising the issue of compassion.

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
17.11.16 14:40 как ответ на Admin Web.
On world philosophy day, I join my voice with the sound of reason resonating globally to re-state the belief that reason unites all humans in an ethical manner. Reason and freedom are in competition when choice is involved.  Philosophy clears the way for a choice that is made considering the common good, the rational and the higher elements in nature.  Philosophy elevates humans beyond all other creatures and unites mankind around compassion, sincerity, honesty, goodness and integrity.  Only humans have such compassion that they desire to die for soemthing noble and good.  Let Philsophy Be!

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
17.11.16 19:15 как ответ на Admin Web.
For me compassion is a driving force of life in this universe and it is truly executed if you have faith in Creator, because you look all the things in the universe as Creator's creations. The deep you are in love with the Creator the more you are compassionate towards His creation. Without compassion there would be no helping hand or in other words no humanity. is doing a phenomenal job of keeping alive ethical values through its profound forum. Best wishes to

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
17.11.16 17:28 как ответ на Admin Web.
In my opinion compassion means in God's love, help those people who are poor,Persecuted,disabled,despised. but not asking for return.

I think this value is very important to me ! because when I feel isolated and helpless , God send His priest  to comfort and anoint me .when I am in dangerous , God send His angel to encourage and protect me , so I decide to follow Him and obey  His teaching forever,this is my new life God gave me! 

I Think can strengthen international cooperation , Promote the spread of Christian culture , Expand assistance program !

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
18.11.16 5:47 как ответ на Admin Web.
On World Philosophy Day my reflection. Philosophy translated into Swahili language as "Falsafa" is derived from two Greek words Phileo (to love) and Sophia (Wisdom) meaning "Love of Wisdom." Wisdom on its part is the capacity one has to seek that which is true and right. Human beings who are endowed with the faculty of reason can therefore achieve true wisdom. This can then enable them to live in harmony by exercing understanding forgiveness, respect for life and trust. To realise this state, all must be comassionate to one another. Compassion for me is being sufficciently moved to help all who are in need such as the less informed, sick, hungry, homeless etc. This is important to me because it is the essence of Christian calling. can always show compassion through availing educative materials/literature to all in the world since knowledge is power; organising and facilitating workshops/seminars/conferences on topical issues to reach out to many; engaging in poverty alleviation research projects among others. Great work

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
18.11.16 10:58 как ответ на Admin Web.
Compassion for me means love and respect. I believe God made us all and the wonderful world in which we live in his image.

On World Philosophy Day I congratulate Globethics on its massive contribution to promoting awareness throughout the world
of the necessity and benefits - not least greater respect -  that come from ethical approaches, whether to personal relations, business and finance, public and private sector, in all aspects of our lives.

Knowledge-building and education are core activities of Globethics. I would like to see Globethics develop new projects which would promote advanced knowledge of ethical approaches to globalisation and to educate the younger generation on how to live well and succeed in our globalised world, a world that would benefit from a greater emphasis on compassion.

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
18.11.16 11:04 как ответ на Admin Web.
A working definition of compassion implies concern for the suffering of others. Socrates said that  a philosopher has to be "a horsefly on the backside of society" - to provoke people not just into thinking of how to change society for the better but to bring those changes into life. Actions have consequences.

For me, this unpacks; compassion and philosophy both demand self awareness, recognition that awareness of context - society, if you will - helps us to move away from ego towards agape - selfless love and consideration for others.

Now, those words may be just my ego stumbling towards enlightenment but I assure you of divine inspiration. When we left the garden - remember Eden? - we woke up to a different world, the first society. Actions have consequences.

Yet we were not alone; God was, is and will always be with us. I take this to mean that God accepts us as we are, unconditionally. It gets better; God loves us as we are and has given us the means to change the human condition - compassion and philosophy. Actions have consequences.

to me i believe that compassion is since of feeling sympathy and misfortune
18.11.16 13:33 как ответ на Admin Web.
RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections to me i believ

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
23.11.16 14:00 как ответ на Admin Web.
Compassion: as polyphony of ethical and pseudo-ethical principles 
  • Compassion as the sense of solidarity on the natural level is not species dependent: an animal can sacrifice its own well-being for the benefit of another animal.
  • There are ethical pseudo principles similar to compassion in the wide sense;  sharing values with others may in some cases not be directly dependent of the human faculty of reason. The pseudo-ethical principles of taste, the pseudo-ethical principle of the family, pseudo-ethical principle of the church, the pseudo-ethical principle of the artist are examples. Social and altruistic values are not always part of these pseudo-ethical principles.
  • Compassion as subjective ethical moral principle is the first stable foundation of ethics: here comes the great efforts to develop a detailed understanding of moral sentiments by great theologians and philosophers.
  • Compassion as moral sentiment is not directly related to the aim of developing a specific culture. The ethical aim of developing the human being through culture is a central aim toward human community development, and in the comprehension of the cultural identity. 
  • Compassion as subjective path to reason based ethical principles: such as rule based principles (e. g. institutional rules, laws and international standards.)
  • Compassion as the ethical principle of redemption: empathy leads to the action of christian self-sacrifice: more elaborated than among animals. This ethical principle is also present in other global religions as key concept (as in Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.)
  • Compassion as metaphysical ethical moral principle, also called the highest ethical principle is part of the ethical principle of the unity of all ethical principles, as major grounding Christian principle.  Other global religions have developed similar concepts (as in Buddhism and Hinduism but also in African philosophy)
NB: My polyphony is inspired by Hartmann's system.

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
24.11.16 17:30 как ответ на Admin Web.
By Anneli Reigas

Compassion is love and care towards other humans. Seven years ago in autumn 2009 my 26-year old son Oliver Rõigas
fall a victim of massive involuntary drugging at the biggest hospital in Tallinn, Estonia where he perished after 3 weeks of brutal abuse.

It was only years later when I learned  from medical records that a complete stranger, former communist doctor Aadu L. whose existense was not even known neither to my son nor me had been giving (illegal) drug orders to nurses for 10 days, instead of treating doctor.

It also turned out from medical records that Russian nurse Oksana G. had started to sedate my son from first evening at hospital without informed consent. No medical plan even existed. Among other drugs with possible horrible side
effects even brain affecting Haloperidol - Soviet era well known torture drug - had been administered to Oliver several times in massive amount.

Hours before I came to hospital to take me son away as we had agreed to change the hospital or go home my son had been illegally drugged at hospital with strong narcotics Fentanyl and the planned switch of the hospital cancelled (he had not been given any painkillers bcs he had had no pain, Fentanyl was just given to sedate him).

All attempts to leave the hospital were postponed for various reasons and then just blocked. Finally,  the very same Russian nurse OKsana G. administered secretly 4 different blood pressure lowering/heart affecting drugs simultanously, that
was followed by irregular breathing half an hour later, then sharp decline of blood pressure, stop of independent breathing and coma - all  in 2 hours since the simultanous attack with different drugs by the nurse Oksana G.

Next day my son was left without any drug, incl antibiotics - by the illegal order of Dr Tiiu P. despite he had been
diagnosed with two-side bacterial pneumonia. And two days later after I was suddenly forced to leave the hospital before midnight his breathing mashine was switched off after that. The later claim that it was done upon decision of medical council turned out to be fake - no medical council valid decisions even existed.

Do we live in Europe?

NOBODY has been made responsible for those crimes in seven years. All doctors and nurses involved, even the nurse Oksana G and dr Aadu L. and Tiiu P. who were most brutal have been allowed to work on in the hospital without any punishment for the enournous abuse and torture at the government supervsed Estonian hospital.

The council of the hospital had been chaired by the former Social Minister, another former Soviet era doctor.
2009 Social Minister Hanno Pevkur and several other high rank Estonian officials got involved to shut the case down.

in some Estonian hospitals, people even locked to bed without any right to do so. My son was in ordinary hospital but after I had agreed the switch of the hospital - suspecting someting had gne wrong, his both hands were illegally locked to bed with magnetic lockers on weekend and I was told that when I resist this or any other order by the staff I would be forced to leave the hospital and will never see him again.  

For the Estonian government the cover up of this crime has been more important for seven years than the safety of people who have ended up in hands of the same doctors and nurses. It has been tradition from Soviet era that several
doctors and nurses act without informed consent of patients and believe its normal.

Giving someone medications secretly is not a cure, its poisoning and chemical torture because the drugs often have possible
horrible side effects and people have right to know what is inserted inside them. Regardless of whether someone is a bit ill or very ill, nobody should loose his human rights when entering hospital and treated like an item, not a human.

We will not achieve more compassionate world when we dont make people who abuse and torture other human beings responsible for their actions.

More detailed infor:

For the contact please send an email or find me at Facebook.

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
25.11.16 14:20 как ответ на Admin Web.
A lot of our ideas about compassion are flying today.

Ask about
your father and mother: Do you have some compassion for them? what is
the last time have you seen your parents? what is the last time have you
ask for their needs? If they are ill what did you do for them? and so
on ...

Ask about your freinds: Do they need you? how many time do
you see your freinds and why? because you need to talk, or may be
because you need to pass the time? and so on ...

Ask about
yourself? yeah yourself? Did you have some compassion with yourself?
Don't make mistakes that hurt your heart? don't eat or drink something
that hurt your body? and so on ...

Don't let your parents, your freinds and yourself flying away from you. Catch them with some COMPASSION.

RE: World Philosophy Day 2016: your thoughts and reflections
25.11.16 18:02 как ответ на Admin Web.
I woke up two days ago to a devastating news of a 7-year-old child who was burnt alive in a jungle-justice kind of treatment in Lagos, Nigeria. This child, according to the news was accused of stealing a Nigerian staple food called garri and he was caught and then was beaten badly and then burnt alive in public. There were spectators to the scene and active perpetrators to the act. I wept for the poor child. I guess that child must have been hungry. There was nobody who could rescue that child from that angry and insensitive mob. Though some think this victim was not actually a child. But does it matter? A human person was burnt alive for stealing food!
A few weeks ago, another clip from some part of the United States showed two ladies fighting in the public. They practically fought themselves with ferocity and stripped each other stark naked. The guys who were there watched them as spectators while some people, adults both men and women walked and passed by. It was an eye sore to see the clip and the shamelessness of these ladies coupled with the “fun” those spectators were having in watching them fight and strip themselves naked in the public.
Some of us may have also seen in the past few months the various clips of Isis or Boko Haram beheading their so called infidels mainly the Christians and showing it off for the world to see. Both men and women they slaughter with knives in the name of religion.
These graphic instances are only a tip of the iceberg that point to a world desensitized of human feeling and sense of human dignity. It is gradually becoming a norm to see and hear of such inhuman things with the help of social media. It therefore, raises the question of the place of compassion in our human engagement.
The question of compassion may be better approached by the lack of compassion in a given situation. Then, we can find a route to what compassion could be. In these few instances, one may begin by seeing the sport in what has become a self-inflicted calamity. This is a possible school of thought. However, one may also reason otherwise and question what sort of people are these who could be watching such inhuman and graphic episodes unfold without stopping it from happening? Or, how can one perpetrate such awful thing to another? The lack of compassion can stretch from the neglect to prevent a verbal or domestic abuse to perpetrating the act itself; it can also be something as serious as the graphic images aforementioned.   
In the Christian scripture, we often read the phrase, “Jesus moved with pity…” as a certain disposition to his work of mercy. Besides this peculiar disposition are the classical examples portrayed in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Lk 10: 25-37) and the real scene of the Woman caught in Adultery (Jn. 8: 1-11).  But more interestingly are the divine parameters of judging human actions on the Day of Judgment in the separation of the sheep and the goat in Matthew’s gospel Chapter 25 (cf. 31-46). These are insights into possible responses of omission or commission as it pertains to different life experiences. It suggests that the passion of the victim urges alleviation by a response of a possible helper. The response the helper offers is an outpouring of compassion. Thus, “passion calls for compassion.” When the awful experience of another (the victim) is met by the empathy of another who offers some help to alleviate the victim’s experience, the act itself is what I consider to be compassion.
In the instances given at the beginning of this reflection, the perpetrators and the spectators lacked compassion. There was none seen to help. The spectators looked on as if it were a sport. The perpetrators made more awful the experience of their victim(s). This is what our world has turned out to be. It is not simply heartbreaking, but fearful and very unfortunate!
The inkling towards compassion is based on the value one places on every human person. The dignity of the human person is inherent. It is what should influence our actions and response to one another irrespective of age, class, gender, culture or religious affiliation and sexual orientation. The value of compassion is immeasurable on the scale of human dignity. This is the value I place on compassion. It also feeds the reason why it is an invaluable thing to do. It was Martin Heidegger who said, “Man is a bundle of possibilities.” These human possibilities can lead one to positive actions. It can as well lead one to a plethora of negative things. It was in the last century that a single ideology was used to almost wipe out a race from the face of the earth – the Shoah! The awful experience of the Holocaust still haunts this generation. In the subsequent events of blood-letting, ethnic cleansing – whether that of the Biafra pogrom or Rwandan genocide – or the prevalent Islamic extremism, there is a gradient of desensitization of human worth. This is why this kind of evolution will become something on a larger scale if serious action is not taken at different levels of our social engagement.
The contribution can give towards a more compassionate world can be strategic.
I prefer to term it the EPARR – Strategy. This involves education, policy, accountability, rehabilitation and reward. Let me explain further:
Education to form consciences could be encouraged beginning at the primary education level and going through to the tertiary education stage in all institutions of learning as a core subject. This could involve modules from scriptures and narratives from real life experiences.
Policy development and integration that could be enforced by the United Nations for all nations of the free world or those who must be given attention by this world body. It can be an addendum to prevalent torture policies or incarceration environment that have not been hitherto given adequate attention by some countries.
Accountability of perpetrators and spectators of instances such as given above. A criminal investigation should follow such incidents. When people are held accountable for both sins of omission and commission, some degree of decency could be instilled into some human dispositions.
Rehabilitation of victims in given situations could be encouraged and introduced as an inevitable stage of rescuing victim(s). Rehabilitation could involve safe-nets for victims of abuse on a case by case basis. Or, encouraging institutions whose vision is about compassion by supporting their programs with some kind of special publicity.
Reward incentives to children who show acts of compassion. This can be encouraging and help to instill in the children at an early stage the values of compassion.
One invaluable aspect of the EPARR – Strategy is that it targets child development at an early stage. This is a way of forming the adults of tomorrow and our future leaders. While the world of ethics mourns a world that is lacking in compassion, the future of humanity can be safeguarded by a strategy of renewal consistent with ethics of compassion.