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The Academy: Planting Seeds Today that will Grow Tomorrow

There may be valuable learning opportunities for us as we build our academic programmes and prepare our organization in this major transition we are undergoing towards becoming a higher education...   Читать еще »

Giveaway competition: Free Academy course has reached 2k followers on Twitter! To thank you for your support and celebrate this milestone, is offering an online course of your choice for free!   Читать еще »

Water Ethics: No water, no life

In celebration of World Water Day, India organised a one day consultation on Water Ethics in collaboration with WME College Coimbatore on the 25 March 2021.   Читать еще »

Book of the month: Critical Perspectives on Interreligious Education

In Experiments in Empathy: Critical Reflections on Interreligious Education, the contributors provide a roadmap for practicing and developing innovative ways to teach religion that promotes...   Читать еще »

Leadership with Integrity: Higher Education from Vocation to Funding

"This is a person with Integrity." It summarizes the values and virtues such as honesty, credibility, justice and respect. Persons with integrity are needed on all levels, from parents to...   Читать еще » joins the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact

We are excited to announce that has signed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact.   Читать еще »

Places of Worship and Holy Sites in Europe and the Middle East

Worship places – churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, shrines and many others – are a key feature in most religions, a part of cultural heritage with a high symbolic and emotional...   Читать еще »

Blue Table Webinar: The Pandemic and lessons learned

On the 24th March 2021, the Academy launched the Blue Table Webinar Series. Academic Dean, Amélé Ekue introduced the first webinar in the series, titled ‘Ethics and the Pandemic’,...   Читать еще »

Droits, libertés et devoirs de la personne et des peuples en droit international africain, Tome II

Le présent ouvrage fait suite au volume précédant qui présente la vocation universelle des droits de la personne dans le droit et dans la pratique internationale. La promotion et la protection des...   Читать еще »

Horasis Extraordinary Meeting: Secure identity leads to openness

On the 18th March 2021, Horasis hosted its second full-scale Horasis Extraordinary Meeting. The meeting brought together 700 of its most senior members, to discuss and address the breakdown in...   Читать еще »
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