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null 7th International Ethics Summit "As Waters Recede" at Istanbul, Turkey

TEID, the host institution for Turkey, cordially invites you to join them at the 7th International Ethics Summit, which in previous years has featured presidents and experts from The World Bank, United Nations and European Business Ethics Network, with notable figures such as Kamal Malhotra and Prof. Dr. Anders Aspling, and various other prominent professionals of Turkish business society as speakers.
The main theme of the Ethics Summit 2017, which will be held on 16 June 2017 is As Waters Recede.
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In an increasingly interconnected world of globalization and technological progress, conventional business practices are also changing.  As a result, many companies are unable to sustain the impact of globalization and its effects on their host countries and regions. While the business world is experiencing an increase in productivity and quality, with it has come a growing number of ethical crises.  Malpractice with well-known companies of the world gives rise to greater issues that could affect the global economy.  Consequently, companies have increased their precautions and their awareness towards potential risks. 
This year, in the seventh year of the Ethics Summit, together with experienced business leaders around the world, we will be discussing what needs to be done as certain international companies transition into the ‘business as usual' phase following a series of publicized ethical crises concerning them. As well as discussing the efforts for preventing the recurrence of ethical crisis and managing the process of post-crises, we will also be examining the profile of a fraudster who ‘caused the storm'. 
Additionally, we will be talking about the post-crises ethical policy reviews, communication and reputation management processes with some valuable examples, and finally we will try to find out how we can construct a business world where compliance is not only demanded but obligatory.
This year's Summit Chair will be Monty Raphael QC. Prof. Dr. Nikos Passas from Northeastern University and Prof. Keynote speeches will be delivered by Dr. Sevil Atasoy from Üsküdar University. The event will also feature a Federal Prosecutor, Ms. Jerusa Burmann Viecili, Curritiba Car Wash Operation, who will share her insights and experiences with the summit.
The event will close around panel called ‘Compliance 360' in which we will be dealing with different stakeholders' point of view on compliance and its importance in the business world. 
To download the brochure of the event, please click here.
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