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null A Marshall Plan with Africa

Dr Obiora Ike, Executive Director of, has been invited to join a committee of experts to advise on a project with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The project, titled ‘A Marshall Plan with Africa', is based on a similar initiative launched by America subsequent to World War II to help rebuild Western European economies in wake of the widespread destruction. While the challenges faced by Africa aren't entirely comparable with challenges face by post-war Europe, the German government have stated that ‘they require the same mobilisation of effort'. The project is described as a partnership for development and peace between African and Europe.

A Marshall Plan with Africa group photo

"Africa and Europe are neighbouring continents. We are bound together by a shared history – and we are responsible for determining the course of our shared future. How successfully we manage the major challenges that lie ahead will decide not only the future and the fate of Africa – both its people and its natural environment – but also the future of Europe. And indeed these challenges can be tackled successfully – by taking our cooperation to a new dimension that benefits both continents."
(Extract from the Introduction A Marshall Plan with Africa. Read the entire article here)

In a meeting attended by Dr Ike on 13th September 2017 held in Berlin, Dr Gerd Mueller, the Minister for Economic Co-operation of the German Government, stressed the urgency of bringing into the front seat issues of ethics. He is committed to work with and shall visit the Geneva Head Office to explore potential collaborations in the near future.

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