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null ADVAYA 2018 - Images of Self and Others: Exploring Identity and Alterity India and the Journal of Dharma, in collaboration with Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies and Christ Academy Institute of Law, held a multidisciplinary, international conference on 18th and 19th of January, 2018.
Advaya, which presupposes non-duality, has its theme as "Images of Self and Others: Exploring Identity and Alterity." The two days of the conference were focused on intellectual deliberations related to the theme of the conference delivered by academicians, scholars, researchers and people from the industry. The purpose of the discussions was to reflect on the means and goal of living together in harmony in a pluralistic set-up. The main sponsor for the conference was The Bank of South Indian.
Prof. Rajan Gurukal lighting the lamp along with other dignitaries
The inaugural programme of Advaya 2018 was facilitated by Rev. Fr. Benny, CMI who introduced the participants to the Christ Academy Group of Institutions. Prof. Jose Nandhikkara, CMI briefed the audience on the theme of the conference and released the Book of Proceedings. The Chief Guest Mr. K.K. Davis, Senior Director of Oracle Corporation addressed the audience informatively on organizational behavior in a corporate set-up in the context of the theme of the conference. The Keynote Speaker Prof. Rajan Gurukkal, Vice Chairman of Higher Education Council, Kerala spoke on "Who am I?: The Eschatological Question". The Guest of Honor Prof. Don Adams from Florida Atlantic University addressed the audience on the theme of "Radical Evil and the Other in Jim Thompson's Fiction" focusing on the ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas and the moral ethics of Baruch Spinoza. Dr. D. Yogananda Rao from Jain University, addressed the audience on "Globalisation and Issues of Identity" and Dr. Praveen Kumar Anshuman, from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi addressed the audience on "Philosophy as a Myth/Truth: Understanding the Interiority of the Esoteric Dimensions" in the plenary session. 
Four simultaneous parallel sessions were conducted on the first day and 51 scholars presented the fruits of their research.
Guests and delegates are being introduced and welcomed
Prof Badri Narayan, Director of G. B. Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad spoke on "Construction of Identities of Social Groups" and Dr. Archana Singh, from G. B. Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad on "Deconstructing the Life-World: Narratives of Rural Dalit Women" during the plenary session on 19 January 2018. The pre-lunch and post-lunch parallel sessions were conducted. A two-day book exhibition was organized on the sidelines of the conference.
The valedictory programme was presided over by Dr. Nataraj Huliyar, from Centre of Kannada Studies, Bangalore University. He addressed the audience on "Self and the Other" with his thrust on various forms of literature which have dealt with this theme. During the segment there was an impressive cultural programme.