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null African Church Asset Programme (ACAP)

During 21 – 23 September 2017, will hold a second workshop in collaboration with All African Council of Churches and Bread for the World and on asset management.
The 2½ day event will take place in Nairobi, Kenya and will bring together over 30 participants from all over the globe for the purpose of helping leaders in church institutions (such as educational centres, health care services, seminaries) to develop a practical capacity in a climate of strong accountability and transparency in the management of assets and resources.
The programme of the event can be downloaded here: ACAP II Programme [64 KB]
The ACAP II is the second instalment in part of a larger programme that encourages the responsible management and development of assets. Historically, religious institutions and church related organisations (CROs) have acquired vast areas of land and capital—for example, it is estimated that the collective assets of the Church of Southern India are worth as much as 3 trillion Indian rupees or $46 billion—but the management of many of these assets has proven problematic due to a myriad of problems, including corruption, lack of adequate training, poor documentation and financial reporting leading to idle assets and the eventual loss of these assets.
Part of the agenda for ACAP II will review the developments made by participants since the previous ACAP meeting held in March 2016 (an overview of ACAP 2016 can be read in the official report), which recognised the need for more training on responsible asset management and the need to establish a more concrete governance module for church leaders to develop their assets.
The main focus of the workshop that will be facilitated by William Otiende Ogara is to create an action plan that will encourage participants to brainstorm ways to improve how they  manage their assets after having created an inventory. 
The proceedings of the workshop will be published in an official report.