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null An insight into Library statistics


In honour of World Book & Copyright Day 2022, an annual celebration of books and reading that takes place every 23 April, we are shining a light on Library statistics. Thanks to a recent feature, it is now possible to view and analyse extensive data on Library usage. You can check how many views and downloads a particular book has had, identify the most popular resource in terms of downloads, and reveal in which countries and cities people visit the Library the most - among much more!

Learn how to see Statistics in the Library with our simple tutorial.

Discover some interesting statistics hand-picked by the Library team:

Most popular Library Communities

A useful way to browse and search the Library is to filter resources by Community, that is to say, collections grouped on various thematic topics, like education, ethics, philosophy, religious ethics, theology, and of course Publications.


The most popular Community by far, in March 2022, according to user page views, was the OAI data pool: resources harvested as part of the Open Access Initiative, which is proud to be part of, in our mission to make knowledge of ethics accessible. The second most popular Community, we’re happy to note, are the Collections, which includes our Publications and Conference reports!

Most popular Collections


Among the Collections, the most popular subsection is OAI Harvested Content, a collection of open-access resources built by based on keywords and queries surrounding the theme of applied ethics.

The second most popular section within Collections is Library Submissions. Our Library offers registered participants the opportunity to submit their own documents, facilitating the sharing of knowledge on ethics without barriers in line with the vision and mission. Interested in submitting your own resources? Follow our guide on how to submit a document to the Library.

Most popular Journals in the Library


In total, over all time, Journals have been viewed over 977,000 times via the Library. The top read Journal in March 2022 was the Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum, followed by Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE Journal). The popularity of the latter is not surprising: resources such as our recent Publication, AI Ethics and Higher Education, are focused on an important trending topic.

Library usage by country

The country in which the Library was most used in the month of March 2022, in terms of file downloads and item views, was China. With that said, of those numbers, file downloads were much higher in the USA: ​​2475 compared to China’s 289. Furthermore, looking at Library usage over all time, the United States of America is by far the highest user.


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