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null Annual meeting of the Russian Association of Business Education in Moscow

Russian Association of Business Education 2017 AGM

On 21 April 2017 the Annual General Meeting of the Russian Association of Business Education (RABE) was held at Moscow University of Finance and Law.
Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Christoph Stückelberger was invited as one of the speakers to present to the Russian public a new vision on developing and reforming existing business education as well as to suggest different options and recommendations on the subject. The main thematic focus of the report was ‘Values-driven Business Education. Two existing models and global recommendations', within which the following issues were covered:
1. The Crisis of Business Education after 2008
2. Model I: 50+20
3. Model II: Values-driven Entrepreneurship
4. Recommendations for Reform 
Considering the ‘50+20' Agenda, Prof. Stückelberger quoted the "50+20 Management Education for the World": "The ‘50+20' Agenda describes a vision for the transformation of management education, in which the common tenet of being the best word is revised in favor of creating businesses that are designed and led to achieve the best for the world" .
In reviewing the subject of reforming business education, Prof. Stückelberger noted that spirituality is one of the most effective and powerful means when it comes to reform in any area of life: "Not excluding but actively including spirituality as a part of values-education is business education".
At the end of the meeting a great number of comments from the experts were obtained claiming that the suggested recommendations obviously had a practical application providing a useful, concrete and meaningful result.



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