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On Wednesday, 14th September 2017, had the privilege to receive Didier Blasco, a practitioner and researcher in Biomimethics for a presentation and discussion. The session was focused around the question: ‘how can the world be ethical towards nature and draw values from it?' The aim of the presentation was to demonstrate how human beings can reach new levels of consciousness through nature. It was a reflection on the value of natural forms of life (in Greek:bios, physis, zoon) for our life (ethos).

As human beings, we should be driven by a sense of respect towards nature; we should let nature do its work and harmonise ourselves with creation (animal and plants). Biomimethics drives people to tap on values by considering the goodness in it, bearing in mind that we are co-creator on health.

The discussion also focussed on the understanding of the word Empathy. Empathy is not only a feeling driven by sadness but is a positive catalyser to human good actions. It generates a connection between human beings and nature, from where we can derive values—it goes beyond the level of emotions. Mr Blasco shared that everyone could be empathy-driven which would lead to positive actions and good values. ‘Empathy is a self-awareness opening to a sensitive perception of the world and understanding other beings and nature'.

Finally, Mr Blasco said that ‘the aim of Biomimethics is the respect of life. In a systemic approach where Nature is the locus for an ethics model for sustainability and higher education transformative and adaptive mind patterns, for the benefice of all living beings'.

Biomimetic encourages human being to perceive life as a system of perfect harmony that comprises of the law, cooperation and order of all that is created. We are what we connect ourselves to; if we are connected with violence we will eventually be led to violence, if we are connected with nature, which contain peace, joy, harmony and values, will be led to ethics.

For more information, you can visit Didier Blasco's professional website at: