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null Call for Contributions: Ethics and the Overcoming of Odious Passions’s vision and mission centre on promoting ethics in higher education. This ethical vision supported by values of respect, dignity, inclusion and fairness lends itself to be applied in various contexts.

A new Publication, Ethics and the Overcoming of Odious Passions: Mitigating Radicalisation and Extremism through Shared Human Values in Education, will endeavour to engage with the complex phenomenon of radicalisation and extremism as a challenge to dialogically framed and ethically grounded people and societies.

What kind of educational responses can be given to extremist claims of territory, identity, resources, power, and interpretations? How can a dialogue on unifying ethical principles and values aid in developing common grounds for preventing radical and extremist excesses? Ultimately, this publication will endeavour to ask the uncomfortable questions with regard to the exteriorisation of human, emotive predispositions and inclinations to ostracize, stigmatise and discriminate at the expense of tempered and balanced forms of engagement and dialogue.

An Invitation to a Multidisciplinary Dialogue

The editors of this volume invite the scholarly community and practitioners to contribute to the publication with chapters in one of the following areas:

  • Systematic and conceptual contributions: the understanding of ‘odious passions’; extremism/radicalization; educational concepts, etc.
  • Historic and contextual contributions: synchronic and diachronic examples from different regions; cross-cultural learnings, etc.
  • Contributions from the educational praxis: curriculum plans and educational models, etc.
  • Hatred, which produces suffering, concerns various disciplines such as psychology and medicine, sociology and education.
  • At the collective level, political theory and socio-historical backgrounds of our collective partly unconscious understanding of collective actions, lead at the study of phenomenon directly related to this passion such as social oppositions, fanaticism and wars.
  • Religious wisdom, texts and good practices form multi- and interreligious dialogue around how to overcome hatred and lack of compassion in general and in the specific context radicalization through the misuse of religion.

Please submit your abstracts to by 30 June 2022. The deadline for full papers is 15 September 2022.

For more information see the full Call for Contributions.