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null Call for Environmental and Sustainability Experts for Webcast Series, in collaboration with CITVN, is offering an opportunity for experts in environment, climate studies and sustainability to take part in a webcast series based Pope Francis' Environmental Encyclical Laudato Si, which has been described as a ‘worldwide wake up call to help humanity understand the destruction that man is rendering to the environment and his fellow man'.

The webcast is a direct response to Pope Francis' urgent appeal for a new and inclusive dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet which affects us all.

The aim of the webcast is to encourage primarily students to engage with emerging data that suggests the current habits and behaviour of societies around the world are leading down a path of destruction, and what can be done, if anything, to counter this trend.

The webcasts will feature both lectures and panel discussions lead by experts with knowledge and experience in environment and sustainability that focus on the different sections of Pope Francis' Environmental Encyclical Laudato Si, covering all of the 6 chapters.

Live video will be streamed remotely allowing the speakers to participate from their place of residence to a group of students based in different universities in America. The webcast will be available for free and broadcast online.

If you are an expert in environment and sustainability and would like to take part in this webcast series, or would like more information, please contact Stephen DeVol at