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null Call for Trainers: Green Entrepreneurship Train the Trainers Program in China

Green Entrepreneurship

We are taking action!


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Green Entrepreneurship Recruitment 

Are you interested in the concept of green entrepreneurship?
Are you involved in entrepreneurship education? 
Do you want to participate in the effort of promoting green entrepreneurship?
Join BELL Green Entrepreneurship Advisor Training Camp! An entrepreneurship training program formed in the context of globalization, our course is based on the most pioneering green entrepreneurship vision and the most hands-on method of applying theory into practice. Most importantly, there are a group of peers who share the same goal eager to work toward the same dream. 


Why are we organizing this training camp? 

As green entrepreneurship receives more and more attention, it is important that "green entrepreneurship" does not remain simply a term spotted in internet articles, public discussions, or daily conversations. Instead, it is more necessary to apply the concepts into real life start-up projects. We recognize that power of individuals is not enough to accomplish this arduous task. Only through the joint effort of experts with the same vision and passion can we reach our objective. Furthermore, we are committed to the training aspect of entrepreneurship because we realize the need of potential young entrepreneurs for guidance and counsel. 

About this Project

Basing off of the "Green Business Options (GBO)" training program supported by Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and extending off of the BELL Project, Centre for International Business Ethics and Center for Green Entrepreneurship (CGE) at UIBE, Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Environmental Protection, International Labor Organization, and Centre for Development and the Environment (CDE), University of Oslo (UIO) collaborated to further research and develop the project in depth. Dedicated to promoting the SDG, this project incorporates multifaceted training, roundtable talks, and international exchange to explore entrepreneurship education training principles, methods, and practices.
Our motto is "Dedication to SDG, Devotion to Green Entrepreneurship" 



Curriculum Modules
1. Sustainable development and green entrepreneurship opportunities 
2. Green entrepreneurship project management
3. Entrepreneurship training techniques
4. Teaching plan innovation

Training Program

The two months programme will include:
3-day in-class training (6/9/2017 - 6/11/2017)
Before-class warm up (includes three hours of online lectures)
After-class self-studying sessions and conclusion

Conclusion of Program 

Completion of the course requires participation of 3 in-class lectures and 3 hours of online lectures. Participants who complete the program will receive certificate awarded by UIBE Center for Green Entrepreneurship, UIBER Innovation, and Universitetet i Oslo Centre for Development and the Environment. Upon conclusion, the green entrepreneurship teaching plan developed by each participant will be assed and the scores participants receive will be used as qualification for special awards. 

Awards and Criteria  

Green Entrepreneurship Advisor Awards:
  • Award of Excellence: 3 people 
  • Award of Distinction: 6 people  
(Participants who received the Award of Excellence have the opportunity to study abroad in Northern Europe.)
  • Demonstration of dedication to SDG 
  • Professionalism 
  • Innovation 
  • Potentiality and feasibility 
Application Process
Desired applicants have to meet such requirements: 
  • 4-Year University or secondary vocational school entrepreneurship education staffs
  • Association or employment advising centers staffs 
  • Entrepreneurship management or support staffs from all segments of society 
Enrollment number: 30 to 40 people 
Each applicant must submit at least one teaching plan (teaching plan format may include course syllabus, course design catalogue, traditional course teaching system, student evaluation) 
Recruitment Time: 
Applicants submit required materials before 25 May 2017. Before May 31st, CGE will inform accepted applicants through email and WeChat. Rejected applicants will not be notified. On June 9th, lectures began. 
Please click the following link to fill out and submit application electronically. 
After evaluation of teaching plan, CGE will inform accepted applicants through email and WeChat before May 31st. Our WeChat number is:绿色创业研究中心
About BELL
BELL Project (BELL: Business, Environment, Learning, and Leadership) is founded by World Resource Institute and sponsored by International Environment Education Project, which is supported by numerous renowned US business schools and international corporations. The BELL Project was established in the 90s in North and Latin American, and expanded to Asia in the 2000s. 
The goal of the BELL Project is to promote SDG and environmental education to be included in business school curriculum. Through training educators, compiling teaching materials and cases, providing the latest news and information, assessing universities with research and real-life application, inducing conversations among government, academic institutions, business schools and business corporations, and forming networks, the Bell Project spotlighted the importance of environment to business school students, who are the future leaders, so they can protect the natural world.