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Global interactions have brought many benefits to societies in terms of educational opportunities, economic development, cultural pluralism, and improvements in health and mortality rates. These global benefits come, however, with a price which includes increased inequalities in resource distribution, forced movement of people, and the erosion of historic values, cultures, and languages.
The most predominant challenges to inclusive education from the perspective of cultural connectivity are being addressed through global citizenship education around the world. While these efforts have proven impactful in certain contexts, innovative responses remain to be found and implemented in many parts of the world to improve effective policies and practices in global citizenship education.
There is therefore an imperative that inclusion and diversity are emphasised upon at early stages of educational experience of young people. The greater knowledge on the interdependence and connectivity of cultures will enable young people from various backgrounds to become responsible citizens of their countries and to be recognised as drivers of socio-economic growth based on their ability to value connectivity, interdependence, and cooperation across cultures.
We are pleased to announce our next event, jointly organised by The Education Relief Foundation (ERF) and on the topic of Balanced and Inclusive Education during 3 days with the participation of high level stakeholders from Global North and Global South.
Overview of the programme:
6-7 December 2017

Multistakeholder Forum on Ethics in Education: Building together an ethical environment for educators

World Council of Churches, 150 Route de Ferney, 1218 Geneva -Switzerland

7 December 2017

Global North Round Table Discussion on Balanced and Inclusive Education 

World Council of Churches, 150 Route de Ferney, 1218 Geneva -Switzerland

8 December 2017

High-level Forum on Balanced and Inclusive Education
an ERF and Global Forum on Ethics in Education

The United Nations, Palais de Nations, room XXII

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Deadline for applications: 15 September 2017
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AnhTho Andres-Kammler
Programme Executive Ethics Education Leadership Centre