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null Coexistence Program in Jerusalem Summer 2018

Coexistence Program in Jerusalem
"Coexistence in the Middle East" is a study abroad summer and winter program in Israel, which seeks to promote coexistence. Through a series of academic field trips and encounters, these courses provide international exchange students and professionals with a unique opportunity to engage with different national, religious, and ideological groups that converge in Israel, a crossroads for humanity. Our joint programs with the Rothberg International School also offer academic credits from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of World's top 150 universities.
The registration is open for the next Coexistence in the Middle East (CME) summer program between 2-26 July and 1-14 August 2018 at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
The program focuses on five major types of coexistence: 
  • The confluence of Western and Middle-Eastern civilizations
  • Religious interactions between Christians, Muslims, and Jews
  • Israel's international relations with Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East
  • Palestinian-Israeli relations in the homeland claimed by both sides
  • Coexistence among individuals based on "universal" values originating in this region
The summer program consists of the following three complementary summer courses:
  1. Narrative & Realities: Inside the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 2-26 July 2018, 3 credits
  2. Israel & the Post-Arab Spring: An Interactive View, 2-26 July 2018, 3 credits
  3. Religion in the Holy Land: Faith's Role in Peace and Conflict, 1-14 August 2018, 3 credits
Deadline for summer registration: 15 May 2018