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null College Level Speech Competition on Equal Opportunity and Violence Against Women

To mark International Women's Day 2018, on 8 March India organized a  speech competition at St Jerome's PU and Degree College, Bangalore.
Participants were asked to draft a speech on either 'The Plight of Indian Women: Equal Opportunity is a Quest' or 'Violence Against Women is a Global Issue'.
The judges were very impressed by the high-quality performances of the students, descibing their efforts as engaged and courageous.The speeches of the students were very creative and, at times, humourous, which added colour and interest to the overall presentations. 
Burdened with the difficult task of deciding on the winning speeches, Mr Prasanna and Ms Rajula choose three overall winners.
The exercise gave the panel and spectators insight into the feelings, emotions, opinions and ideas that are emerging in the young people in India.
Participants India International Women's Day Competition