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null Criminal Justice: Report on Philippines' First International Conference

The focus of the first international conference of Philippines, with the Association of Criminologist ALCCDA, held from 19-21 May 2017 in Tagaytay near Manila, was how to strengthen young criminal justice practitioners in their ethical orientation and behaviour.
During the conference more than 100 deans and professors from law and criminology schools, and young criminology/police professionals working was in the region, intensively looked at values, tools and practical cases with the goal of improving the way ethical values are taught and implemented in the profession. The initiator and leader of the conference was Philippines Director Yolanda Sebastian Lira, Dean of the Philippines School of Criminology and Founding President of ALCCDA, the new ‘Association of Licenced Criminologist, Criminology Deans and Administrators'. The President of the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines supported the conference. 
Keynote speaker Carmelita Salandanan Manahan, Associate Justice in the Court of Appeals in Manila, called for integrity, professionalism and resisting corruption in criminology investigations in her courageous keynote speech. 
Christoph Stückelberger, President and Founder of, in his keynote speech entitled ‘Understanding the Value Base of Professional Leadership and Practice' called for professional integrity as a foundation for trust in police and judiciary. He proposed a code of conduct and continuous trainings on ethics for legal and criminology professionals in the Philippines.
The conference was part of's ongoing focus on ‘Ethics in Higher Education'. By influencing the higher education institutions, Philippines hopes to impact the police, judiciary and military to become key instruments for peace, law and order.

A New Code of Ethics

During the conference a Code of Ethics for licensed Criminologists in the Philippines was develop and approved by over one hundred criminology deans, college administrators and licensed criminologists. Immediately after the symposium the Code of Ethics was submitted to the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) Board on May 21 for review, comments and/or approval. Once approved, the code will be in effect by the Commission. The scope of the code covers all criminologists defined under Republic Act 6506 of the Philippines. The Code of Ethics aims to require all criminologists to achieve a high standard of professionalism and unquestionable integrity, thereby promoting good practices for Criminologists in the country. It also aims to protect the profession of licensed criminologists. 
The Code of Ethics for licensed Criminologists in the Philippines will be made available soon on our website.