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null Encountering Families of Different Faiths: Engender and Encourage Family Ethics

This project intended to meet families of different faith traditions and to elucidate the importance of family in inculcating values for life. The first gathering for 80 children to discuss value formation was organised on 29 August 2017.
The program began by invoking God's blessings through a prayer song. Welcoming is the hallmark of Indian culture. The coordinator Fr. Anto Basil welcomed the principal of the school who whole heartily gave his concern for this motivating program and he welcomed the teachers of the school with the animators and participants of the program. Then Fr. Anto Basil introduced the project team to the students and gave brief introduction about the program.
In the modern era of fast-growing communication technology, anything and everything is done with visuals. Knowing the pulse and interest of the students' various values of life, such as care for earth, charity, worship and honesty, the student were then divided into four groups to discuss their values.
Each group had two animators to make the students' participation more structured and understandable. In the group discussion, students came up with new thoughts and new reflections on the particular values assigned. Then they were engaged in chart-making that included cartoons and drawing pertaining to their given values. They also wrote essays, poems, lyrics and captions of their own after the small break. Later, the students enacted their values which involved all the members of the team. 
It was surprising and shocking to note that students came out with their own script on enacting the drama on the particular values. Invariably all the groups enacted it well. In all these activities students were very creative and innovative. Their thoughts and insights were inspiring and encouraging. Finally, Fr. Paulachan Kochappilly, India Regional Director and organizer of the event, congratulated the students on their active participation. In a special way, he appreciated the students for their wonderful performance of drama on values and gave his thought provoking message based on those values. He also thanked the animators for encouraging students with their valuable presence and suggestions.
The program was closed by thanking the Lord.